Mandate, Vision and Mission

Our Mandate is:

  • Providing information about available children’s services (in Hamilton) and adult developmental services (in the Hamilton-Niagara Region)
  • Being the single point of access or one place people call if they wish to apply for services from the children’s sector or the adult developmental services sector.
  • Hosting the “resolution process” for situations involving children and youth that are complex or highly urgent and where access to services is difficult.
  • Providing information to the community and to the Ministries to help with planning the service system.

Our Vision is:

Inclusive communities where barriers are eliminated, where everyone belongs and realizes their hopes and dreams.

Our Mission is:

  • Contact Hamilton ensures individuals and caregivers have access to information, available services and supports they need. To this end we assist people in applying for services and supports.
  • We serve children and youth presenting with social, emotional, behavioural and/or developmental concerns living in Hamilton.
  • We serve adults with a developmental disability that live in Hamilton-Niagara Region (communities of Brant, Haldimand, Norfolk, Niagara, Hamilton, Six Nations of the Grand River and Mississaugas of the New Credit First Nation).

We provide our communities with system-level information about community services for children and youth and for adults with a developmental disability.