Strategic Priorities

In 2011, Contact Hamilton changed significantly as an organization. It took on two regional programs on behalf of adults with developmental disabilities (Developmental Services Ontario Hamilton-Niagara Region and Passport for Community Living) while still maintaining access responsibilities for people seeking services for Hamilton children and youth.

The following priorities reflect a balance of both internal and external goals that will guide the organization beginning September 2012.

Priority One: Quality Improvement

This means we will actively seek out feedback in order to make our services the best they can be.

Priority Two: Enhanced Community Awareness

This means that we will make sure people and organizations know who we are and what we do and how we can work together.

Priority Three: A well-governed and an accessible and inclusive organization

This means that we will make sure that our board is open and welcoming of diversity and governs the organization to the best of its ability.

Priority Four: A healthy workplace

This means that Contact Hamilton is the best place to work where staff feel valued.

For the full version of our Strategic Plan, which includes our Strategic Priorities, Mission and Vision statements, and our Service Principles and Values, please click here.