What happens when you call?

Your first point of contact will be one of our DSO Intake Coordinators (1- 877-376-4674). The DSO Intake Coordinator will provide information as requested about available services and supports as well as the process of applying for services. If you are looking for services, the Intake Coordinator will ensure that the person meets eligibility conditions set out by the Ministry of Community and Social Services (MCSS):

  • Lives in Ontario and
  • Is 18 years of age or older (eligibility can be confirmed at age 16 and 17 but referrals cannot be made until age 18) and
  • Have a confirmed developmental disability. A confirmed developmental disability means that the person meets criteria in all of the following areas:
    • Cognitive functioning (the person’s intellectual capacity, including the capacity to reason, organize, plan, make judgments, and identify consequences) and
    • Adaptive functioning (the person’s capacity to gain personal independence, based on the person’s ability to learn and apply conceptual, social and practical skills in his or her everyday life) and
    • These limitations must have started before the person turned 18 years of age, be life-long in nature, and affect a person’s personal care abilities, language skills, learning abilities, and ability to live independently

The DSO Intake Coordinator will explain the process and documents required for eligibility.

To confirm a person’s eligibility, the DSO Intake Coordinator needs to look at a psychological assessment. If the person already has an assessment (e.g. through their school, a hospital, or another organization) the DSO will need a copy of this assessment for review to see if they are eligible. If the person doesn’t have a psychological assessment, the DSO will help you find out how and where to get an assessment.

If the DSO confirms that the person is not eligible for adult Developmental Services, the person will have the right to request a review of that decision. The person will be given information about how they can request the review.

If the DSO confirms that the person is eligible for adult developmental services, the DSO Intake Coordinator will collect some basic information so that an Access Coordinator can contact them to schedule their application appointments.