What MCSS Services can I be referred to?

Some referrals are made immediately (however there may be wait times) such as:

  • Behaviour Services
  • Clinical Services (e.g. social work, psychology, psychiatry and, swallowing assessments)
  • Adult Protective Services and Intensive Case Management
  • Person Directed Planning

Some service requests are placed on a registry or waiting list. This means that referrals are made once there is a service opening or Passport allocation is announced and the person has been prioritized to receive it. This applies to the following referrals:

The DSO HNR actively monitors the waiting lists and when service opportunities become available, they determine who should be referred, looking first at people presenting in the greatest need. This is why it so important to keep your Access Coordinator updated on any significant changes to your situations. When a service opportunity becomes available and you are prioritized for it, your Access Coordinator will call you to tell you about it.