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DSO Housing Navigation

The Ontario government (Ministry of Children, Community and Social Services - MCCSS) is investing in support for individuals with developmental disabilities who wish to live more independently in the community.  The Housing Navigation role has been created as part of this initiative, continuing until March 2023.

A DSO housing navigator in your area can help you understand your housing options by:

  • Encouraging early planning and building life skills for independence.
  • Providing information about housing options and support services beyond traditional Ministry funded models (e.g., social/subsidized housing).
  • Share the DSO housing toolkit to help guide individuals and families to develop a housing plan.
  • Provide information sessions on a variety of topics related to housing (e.g., Technology for Independence, Affordable Housing and Why You Should Apply).
  • Connecting to community supports if appropriate.

You can reach a Housing Navigator by e-mailing or calling 1-877-376-4674 extension 255.

Housing Brochure (English)

Housing Brochure (French)

Local Housing Resources Guides

The Housing Resource Guides are intended to help individuals with navigating housing and homelessness resources available in your community. These guides will be reviewed and updated periodically. The date of last update is on the first page of each guide.




Haldimand Norfolk

DSO Housing Toolkit

This toolkit is a library of housing resources put together by DSO staff, with input from people in similar situations, to help you create a housing plan. If you choose to use the My housing and support plan form, Step 1 will provide you with tools to complete it. Additional steps within the toolkit will help you to fill in any gaps in your housing plan. For example, Step 2 "Reviewing housing options and locations" will help if you are not sure where you want to live, and Step 3 "Financing the Plan" will help you explore funding opportunities.

The toolkit has been organized into 6 Steps to make it easier for you to work through the information. Click on each step below to access information, resources, tools and expert advice from our staff, families, partner agencies and organizations.

If you need help going through the toolkit, or you would like to investigate alternative or additional resources, call your area DSO and ask for help with housing navigation, or connect with us online. DSO Housing Toolkit

DSOntario Webinars and Podcasts

This link will take you to the DSOntario page where recorded webinars and podcasts are stored. These webinars and podcasts covers a wide range of topics including housing, passport funding, TAY planning, etc.

DSOntario Province Wide Facebook Page

Connect with DSOntario on Facebook! This is where the Provincial Housing Navigators announce upcoming webinars and information sessions.

DSOntario You Tube Page

A series of videos created by DSOntario to help you understand what the DSO does. There are also some helpful videos around passport and success stories.

Partners for Planning

In 2014 Partners for Planning launched the P4P Planning Network as a response to this pressing question. “Who will love and protect our sons and daughters with a disability when we no longer can?” Every resource is designed specifically for you – the relative, friend or caregiver of a person with a disability. As a family formed and led organization they know that planning for a person living with a disability takes effort and intention. From relationship building to school transitions, community involvement, housing planning and financial objectives, and more – very little happens without planning. Families must envision, strategize and above all, take action. The Planning Network helps you navigate each step and life stage, you will find videos, articles, webinars and much more empowering you with all the right tools and inspiration along the way.


This is a website and virtual community dedicated to lifelong learning and providing support for people who have an intellectual disability, their families and support networks. The core value of their community is accessible, self- directed access to valuable information and tools. There are guide books on steps to independence, information on housing task forces, videos on housing projects, information on innovative housing options in Ontario, information on micro boards and this is just some of the information available in the housing sections on adults.

This community provides resources for all age groups and is a place where families are able to connect and share their ideas through the Connected Families section. Moreover, they also have a resource directory to assist families who are looking for professional services across Ontario.  Click here.


Developmental Services Ontario does not promote nor endorse any of these private services. Contact Hamilton does not assume any responsibility or liability for this information nor for any of the services/supports provided by these organizations or individuals. Please note this is not intended to serve as an exhaustive list of all services offered in your region, but rather as a resource prepared with information sourced by the DSO Housing Navigators for the Hamilton Niagara Region. 

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